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Grafters: Episode Four (S2EP4 ITV 22 Nov 1999, Nikki Amuka-Bird)



Episode Four: Clare, convinced that it was her brother Nick that set up the burglary to frame Trevor, decides to leave him on his own to manage the business. As Clare arrives to tell Trevor of what she has done, she bumps into Karen, Trevor’s ex-wife who has arrived to announce that she is leaving for Canada with their son and her new boyfriend Andy. Joe’s efforts to get Trevor out of prison go wrong when he presents the papers for the van to the police, only to discover that the van has been involved in at least four other burglaries. Viv’s ex-husband Richard arrives in Brighton, and from the start he and Joe compete for Viv’s affections. Simon and Joe start work on Viv and Lizzie’s house, and in an effort to make Viv jealous, Joe flirts with Lizzie. Meanwhile, Simon (pictured above due to demand!), Becky, Martha and Tom plan to have a party in the school to make some money and pay of Simon’s long standing debts to Joe. But Simon gets a shock at the party when Tina, his girlfriend from Newcastle tu

Regular Cast: Robson Green (Joe), Stephen Tompkinson (Trevor), Darren Morfitt (Simon Purvis), William Parker (Sam), Lesley Vickerage (Viv Casey), David Westhead (Nick Costello), Stacy Hart (Becky), Stephen Boxer (Geoff), Katherine Wogan (Clare Costello), Tracey Wilkinson (Karen)

Guest Cast: Heather Bleasdale (Lizzie), Marian McLoughlin (Pippa), Ace Bhatti (Tom), Nikki Amuka-Bird (Martha), Belinda Allerston, Jonathan Coy, Richard Vanstone, John Bowler, David Sterne

Writer: Andrew Rattenbury / Director: David Thacker

Airdate: 22 Nov 1999 on ITV

Series: Grafters Season 2 Episode 4

Show Info: Comedy drama series. A pair of warring Geordie brothers Trevor and Joe travel to London to work as builders converting a house for a married upwardly mobile couple. In season two the pair set about converting an old school into a luxury apartment block but were never far away from trouble.