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Grafters: Episode One (S1EP1 ITV 27 Oct 1998, James Buller)



Episode One: A beautiful, large shell of a house has been bought by a young couple Paul and Laura. They, in turn, have hired two Geordie builders (and brothers) Joe and Trevor Purvis to renovate the house for them. Although Joe has worked nearby and is an experienced carpenter, Trevor has little experience and the size of the job is beyond their normal endeavours.Joe drives down from Newcastle in his massive camper van, bringing with him Janice, with whom he is having an affair. She thinks that they are about to spend a romantic weekend for two in London and is less than impressed when he stops to pick up Trevor who, in turn, has also decided to bring along his wife, Karen and their nine month old baby Daniel. By the time they’ve reached London, the women are fighting and both walk out on the brothers.Meeting Paul and Laura is painless enough, although Paul does seem uptight and particularly wary of the builders’ abilities. This fear is realised when Trevor tries to light the gas on the old kitchen

Regular Cast: Robson Green (Joe), Stephen Tompkinson (Trevor), James Buller (Mike), Emily Joyce (Laura), Neil Stuke (Paul)

Guest Cast: Mary Woodvine (Mary), Leah Kindleyside (Josie), Tracey Wilkinson (Karen), Roger Avon, Eva Pope, James Gaddas

Writer: Michael Chaplin / Director: David Richards

Airdate: 27 Oct 1998 on ITV

Series: Grafters Season 1 Episode 1

Show Info: Comedy drama series. A pair of warring Geordie brothers Trevor and Joe travel to London to work as builders converting a house for a married upwardly mobile couple. In season two the pair set about converting an old school into a luxury apartment block but were never far away from trouble.