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Grafters: Episode Six (S1EP6 ITV 1 Dec 1998, Patrick Baladi)



Episode Six: Following the collapse of the ceiling everyone is trying to tip-toe around Joe whose black mood is inescapable and what he really needs is a heart to heart with his dad Lennie – who himself is in a pickle over the young thing from next door! Trevor is beginning to feel a new lease of life – he’s free of Karen, enjoying his work and won’t have a moping brother spoiling his fun. Having agreed to help Laura at the housing association, Trevor encounters Debbie a homeless girl and develops a close friendship with her. It is then that Trevor finds himself the object of both women’s attention. He can hardly keep a smile off his face much to the irritation of Joe who’s slumping further into depression. And as for Laura and Paul – what hopes for a marriage where the wife strides into his office and holds a full scale row for all to witness?

Regular Cast: Robson Green (Joe), Stephen Tompkinson (Trevor), James Buller (Mike), Emily Joyce (Laura), Neil Stuke (Paul)

Guest Cast: Darren Morfitt (Simon Purvis), Maurice Roëves (Lennie), Luisa Bradshaw-White, Tim Berrington, Zoe Henry, Patrick Baladi, Lee Boardman, Howard Crossley

Writer: Julian Perkins / Director: David Tucker

Airdate: 1 Dec 1998 on ITV

Series: Grafters Season 1 Episode 6

Show Info: Comedy drama series. A pair of warring Geordie brothers Trevor and Joe travel to London to work as builders converting a house for a married upwardly mobile couple. In season two the pair set about converting an old school into a luxury apartment block but were never far away from trouble.