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Grafters: Episode Two (S1EP2 ITV 3 Nov 1998, Emily Joyce)



Episode Two: Janice’s husband Ray is still gunning for Joe, except this time it’s not a truncheon that he’s wielding – but a crowbar – and the injured parties don’t include Joe.To compound the situation, Janice intends to leave Ray which is certainly not part of Joe’s plans. Then the house they’re renovating meets with a crisis which Trevor and Joe, with baby in tow, assure the owners it’s nothing they can’t handle!

Regular Cast: Robson Green (Joe), Stephen Tompkinson (Trevor), James Buller (Mike), Emily Joyce (Laura), Neil Stuke (Paul)

Guest Cast: Pip Miller (Henry), Tracey Wilkinson (Karen), Darren Morfitt (Simon Purvis), James Gaddas, Tim Berrington, George Jackos, Eva Pope, Zoe Henry

Writer: Michael Chaplin / Director: David Richards

Airdate: 3 Nov 1998 on ITV

Series: Grafters Season 1 Episode 2

Show Info: Comedy drama series. A pair of warring Geordie brothers Trevor and Joe travel to London to work as builders converting a house for a married upwardly mobile couple. In season two the pair set about converting an old school into a luxury apartment block but were never far away from trouble.