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Grand Designs Revisit: Thames Amphibious House (Channel 4 28 Oct 2015)



AIRDATE: Wednesday 28 October 2015 at 9.00pm on Channel 4

Episode 8

Kevin McCloud returns to one of the most ambitious Grand Designs ever. A year, and a winter of flooding, since he last visited, Kevin returns to the Thames in Buckinghamshire to see if the eventful construction of the UK’s first amphibious house has been a success.

Now that it’s finished, can Andy and Nicky Bruce’s 220-tonne amphibious house really float? Andy and Nicky spent £1.2 million on their experimental house, built on a small island that’s only accessible by a narrow footbridge. Heavy machinery was lost to the river, contractors were changed and the site was hit by the worst storms in recent history, causing severe delays and resulting in an unfinished and untested building.

Now that it’s fully complete, both inside and out, Kevin discovers what it’s like living on a regularly flooded piece of land, and how their unique floating home performed when the river burst its banks in January 2015.

Series Prod: Mike Ratcliffe
Exec Prods: Charlie Bunce, Fiona Caldwell
Prod Co: Talkback



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