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Grand Tours of Scotland’s Lochs: A Fyne Tour (S4EP2 BBC One Scotland Wed 24 Feb 2021)



A Fyne Tour: This Grand Tour starts at Loch Glashan above Loch Fyne, where Paul Murton travels back in time to learn how to paddle a coracle. At Old Castle Lachlan, he dabbles in Victorian virtual reality, courtesy of George Washington Wilson and his stereoscopic camera. At the open-air museum of Auchindrain, Paul follows Queen Victoria on the trail of poverty tourism, before having fun with the tale of MacPhunn – a man who cheated the noose. The wreckage of a WW2 Superfortress and stories of diamond smuggling emerge as Paul visits a sacred Tinker’s Heart before ringing the changes at Inveraray.

Airdate: Wed 24 Feb 2021 at 7.30pm on BBC One Scotland

Season 4 Episode 2