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Grand Tours of Scotland’s Lochs: The Forgotten Lands (S4EP6 BBC One Scotland Wed 24 Mar 2021)



Paul explores the forgotten lands of Morvern. On the shores of Loch Aline, he sees the devil in a fossil and then plunges deep underground to discover an unlikely connection between sand and WW2. Above Loch Arienas, he hears the moving testimony of a family who were cleared from the land in the 19th century. Paul then has an al fresco art lesson and tries to paint the scene.

At Fort William, he paces the ruins of the original fort and learns that the town that now surrounds it was once known as Maryburgh. Following a Jacobite theme, Paul encounters the Strange Plate and discovers the secrets of Jacobite paper money. Journey’s end is a ‘loch that never was’ beneath the magnificent 300ft Steall Falls.

Airdate: Wed 24 Mar 2021 at 7.30pm on BBC One Scotland

Season 4 Episode 6

Paul Murton sets out to explore the lochs of Scotland, travelling from the wilds of the west coast to the Grampian Mountains, discovering the secrets of these iconic features of the Scottish landscape.