The Great Indoors: The Heartbreaker (CBS 27 Apr 2017 with Andrew Leeds)

Great Indoors

The Heartbreaker: Jack sets up a double date to get Eddie out of a post-divorce rut, but the night gets awkward when they run into Denise (Essence Atkins), Eddie’s ex-wife. Also, when Emma decides to breakup with her boyfriend, Greg (Andy Ridings), Clark is torn between making a move on her and salvaging his friendship with Greg.

Joel McHale (Jack)
Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Clark)
Susannah Fielding (Brooke)
Chris Williams (Eddie)
Christine Ko (Emma)
Shaun Brown (Mason)
Stephen Fry (Roland)

Deborah Baker, Jr. (Esther)

Andrew Leeds (Paul)
Andy Ridings (Greg)
Essence Atkins (Denise)
Erika Rankin (Chloe)
Leena Huff (Allie)
Nikki Tuazon (Tina)
Lisa Summerscales (Server)
Jason Anderson (Man, V.O.)

WRITTEN BY: Alex Edelman & Isabelle Esposito
DIRECTED BY: Andy Ackerman

Series: The Great Indoors Season 1 Episode 20
Air Date: Thursday, April 27, 2017
Time Slot: 8:31 PM-9:01 PM EST on CBS

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