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Griff’s Great New Zealand Adventure: Auckland to Wellington – Don’t Fall in a Volcano (S1EP2 ITV Fri 26 Nov 2021)



Auckland to Wellington – Don’t Fall in a Volcano: On the second leg of Griff Rhys Jones’ epic North south tour of New Zealand’s back roads, Griff decides the best way to avoid highway one is to start by flying over it and heading straight to the Coromandel Peninsula. On the way, he spies Auckland’s many extinct volcanos, and his pilot issues him the challenge not to fall into a volcano. Wise words indeed.

From the Coromandel, Griff heads out to the newest piece of land on the planet – the ever-expanding White Island volcano. Here he learns of how New Zealand was formed and how the island nation is always growing. After conducting some scientific monitoring of the volcano, and avoiding falling in, Griff heads to the home of New Zealand’s hot springs culture, Rotorua

Rotorua is famous for its steam vents, hot springs and hot mud baths. Griff learns how to cook in the hot springs at a Maori village, before indulging in his own mud-splattered spa treatment.

At Taupo, Griff learns the entirety of Lake Taupo is one giant volcanic caldera – and is way past its scheduled explosive anniversary. However – the thermal activity has one upside – an endless stream of steam that can be harnessed for electricity at a fraction the cost and emissions if its coal cousins.

Finally, Griff flies to Wellington – and New Zealand lives up to its Maori name Artaeroa or “The Long White Cloud” because there is absolutely no view out the plane window! In Wellington, Griff learns the entire harbour was created from volcanic activity and joins in a rescue simulation with specialist earthquake teams.

Airdate: Fri 26 Nov 2021 at 20:00 on ITV

Season 1 Episode 2

Griff Rhys Jones is on an epic journey from the tip to the toe of New Zealand but has set himself a challenge to avoid Highway One and journey the Kiwi roads less travelled.