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Griff’s Great New Zealand Adventure Series Final (ITV Fri 10 Dec 2021)



New Zealand’s South Isle is famed for its stunning views, so Griff does what so many visitors to the south do – hires a camper and hits the road. His first observation is the utter disdain other drivers have to camper drivers – no matter how fast a camper is going the natural inclination is to overtake it.

Griff is challenged to jump off a cliff – at first a confusing brief for his travels – but as he heads further into the stunning landscape he realises jumping off a cliff is not only a potentially good thing to do – it’s almost a must.

A gliding adventure takes Griff up and over the cliffs – and an unscheduled loop-the-loop makes him think he perhaps should have stayed on the ground – but no matter – he heads on. A jet boat ride gets him to AJ Hackett’s famed home of bungy jumping – this is where jumping off a cliff is turned into an art form. Never one to be shy – Griff takes the great leap.

Griff is then taken to by the Milford Sound avalanche squad to see how they keep the road to the famed Milford Sound clear during the winter months. It’s a labour of love – for the views are to die for. On Milford Sound Griff experiences one of the great wonders of the world – a fjord style waterway whose cliffs soar overhead.

Finally – Griff descends on Bluff via the last few kilometres of Highway One to end his epic journey – only to discover that Bluff is a little underwhelming. So in typical Griff fashion he heads off highway to find an isolated rocky beach – next stop The Southern Ocean and Antarctic. Griff muses on his adventure travelling North to South, and poses the thought of travelling South to North. Perhaps next time!

Airdate: Friday 10 December 2021 at 8.00pm on ITV.

Season 1 Episode 4