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Guillaume’s Paris Tonight Thursday 17 November 2022 on SBS



Guillaume Brahimi, a French chef, goes back to the place where he first gained notoriety and tells the tale of food in the city, which is where the first restaurant, some of the world’s greatest dishes, and the greatest chefs ever lived.

This week, Chef Guillaume Brahimi concludes his tour of Paris with a look at the city’s bohemian centre, which includes a beer tasting of Parisian beer, and the intriguing Edith Piaf neighbourhood.

In this series, Guillaume shows us how Paris’s food scene is evolving by taking us to some of the city’s 20 arrondissements’ best-kept secrets. The great Parisian chefs’ exact recipes are no longer adhered to by the rest of the world.

Bistronomy, which involves eating savoury, emotive food but not always in three-star Michelin restaurants, is celebrated in today’s Parisian food culture. The Parisian food scene is reviving, and great food is now accessible to everyone.

Guillaume’s Paris airs Thursday, 17 November at 8.00pm on SBS and SBS FOOD.