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Guilt Series Finale airs Thurs 4 Nov on BBC Two



As Guilt reaches its dramatic conclusion, estranged brothers Max and Jake reacquaint themselves and immediately pick up arguments old and new.

Erin finds out a shocking family secret, leaving her conflicted, while Kenny and Yvonne are forced apart. As tensions mount for all and loyalties are tested to the limit, Kenny is given an opportunity to seek revenge on Max.

Elsewhere, Sandy and Roy meet for a final conversation where secrets and lies come tumbling out, while past sins cast a shadow over Maggie. As Jackie gives Max an ultimatum, Teddy seeks final revenge for his murdered brother.

With pressure building all around, Max offers Erin salvation while heading to meet his own fate. He might have given her a way out, but Max is running out of time to find one for himself.

Written by Neil Forsyth, Guilt stars Mark Bonnar as Max, Jamie Sives as Jake, Sara Vickers as Erin, Emun Elliot as Kenny, Rochelle Neil as Yvonne, Ian Pirie as Sandy, Stuart Bowman as Roy, Phyllis Logan as Maggie, Sandy McDade as Jackie and Greg McHugh as Teddy.

Guilt is an Expectation and Happy Tramp North co-production for BBC Scotland and BBC Two.

All four episodes of Guilt are available to view on BBC iPlayer.

Airdate: Tuesday 2 November at 10.00pm on BBC Scotland and Thursday 4 November at 9.00pm on BBC Two.

Season 2 Episode 4