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Hadleigh: Patron of the Arts (ITV 14 Oct 1969, with Paula Wilcox)



Hadleigh Patron of the Arts

In Patron of the Arts Hadleigh and Susan (who isn’t actually in this episode) are now engaged and Hadleigh is asked to become a justice of the peace. However a night out could jeopardise his new role.

The lovely Paula Wilcox plays cleaner Lolly (short for Lolita) who works at the Gazette and persuades Hadleigh to go to her birthday party. It’s a somewhat misguided agreement from Hadleigh, the party is very much a hippy drug den and Hadleigh is in fact being set up. When the police raid the party Sergeant Banstead arranges for Hadleigh and Lolly to leave by the back entrance. The next day Hadleigh is approached by an artist called Miles Crispin who has incriminating photos of Hadleigh. He wants £20,000.

Hadleigh Patron of the Arts

Christian Rodska of Follyfoot and an uncredited Barbara Kellerman.

In typical Hadleigh fashion he is able to turn the tables after discovering that Crispin is a very talented artist he offers to become his patron instead of giving in to blackmail – he will take a 20% commission on every sale of Crispin’s paintings.

This is the first time in the season that we have seen the Gazette offices although we only see Hadleigh there and only briefly.

Christian Rodska aka Ron Stryker from Follyfoot pops up as something of a philosopher at the party; John Nolan (best known for his role in Shabby Tiger) and Barbara Kellerman (uncredited) also make appearances.

Hadleigh Patron of the Arts

Lolly poses for artist Miles Crispin.

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 14 October 1969 at 9.00pm

Writer: John Harrison / Production Design: Alan Pickford / Director: Peter Cregeen

Series: Hadleigh Season 1 Episode 5

Gerald Harper as James Hadleigh
Alastair Hunter as Maxwell
A.J. Brown as Sir George Withy
Paula Wilcox as Lolly
John Nolan as Mick
Christian Rodska as Bored youth
Thomas Heathcote as Sergeant Banstead
George Ghent as Inspector
Edwin Richfield as Miles Crispin
Jeffrey Segal as Charles Lancing
Michael Poole as Art
Liz Digby-Smith as Martha
Roy Maxwell as George
Patricia Cox as Lady customer
Sonia Graham as Lady curator