The Hanged Man: Tower of Destruction (ITV 1975, Jenny Hanley, Julian Glover)

In Tower of Destruction Burnett has teamed up with Alan Crowe to get to the heart of who wants him dead and why, the trail leads them to George Pilgrim who is behind the construction of a new power station and also a meeting up with a former war colleague of Lew’s – helicopter pilot Joe Denver who seems to have more than a few reasons to not want to meet up with Burnett once again.

A few more facts are revealed in this second episode, not least the fact that the death of Burnett’s wife in a plane crash was part of the conspiracy against Burnett, he should have been flying up to Scotland too but had to cancel at the last minute. More good quality guest stars in the shape of Julian Glover and the lovely Jenny Hanley as well as William Lucas from The Adventures of Black Beauty.

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production details
UK | ITV Network – Yorkshire

RUNNING TIME: 60 Minutes | AIRDATE: 22 February 1975

WRITER: Edmund Ward | DIRECTOR: Marc Miller

Series: The Hanged Man / Episode Two of Eight

COLIN BLAKELY as Lewis Burnett
GARY WATSON as John Quentin
FRANK WYLIE as David Larson
JERMEY WILKIN as Eric Mackay
ERIC MASON as Kenny Simpson
JENNY HANLEY as Druscilla Lowndes
PATRICK JORDON as Ernest Crichton
WILLIAM LUCAS as George Pilgrim
ALAN WHITE as Melbourne

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