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Hannay: Say The Bells Of Shorditch (S2EP7 ITV 14 Mar 1989, Jill Meager)



Say The Bells Of Shorditch: The year is 1912 and the ‘unsinkable’ ship ‘Titanic’ has sunk. Richard Hannay’s god-daughter Susan is being married to Lord Berenger’s son, Michael Harrington, and Hannay is visiting her family. The night before the wedding Michael goes missing after his batchelor’s party. Why did Lord Berenger send a large and immensely valuable consignment of gold to Canada via ‘The Titanic’ which was in fact heading for the United States? Did the missing gold in fact go down with the ill-fated ship – the uninsurable on board the unsinkable? What is the mystery behind the ship’s bells at the foundary used by the firm Campbell/Mallory, of which Lord Berenger is Managing Director. Hannay finds himself involved in a bizarre mystery involving a kidnapping, two murders and a plot involving the Czar of Russia.

Regular Cast: Robert Powell (Richard Hannay)

Guest Cast: Murray Ewan, Paul Rogers, John Bardon, Christopher Scoular, James Simmons, Claire Parker, Jill Meager, Karen Archer, Jim Dunk, Simon Cowell-Parker, John Hughes, John Keenan, Ken Drury, Patrick Carter, Seva Novgorodsev, Roger Heathcott

Writer: Paul Wheeler / Director: Guy Slater

Airdate: 14 Mar 1989 on ITV

Series: Hannay Season 2 Episode 7

Show Info: Period action adventure series. Exploits of derring do with adventurer Richard Hannay in the early part of the 20th Century.