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Hannay: The Confidence Man (S2EP5 ITV 28 Feb 1989, Martin Clunes)



The Confidence Man: Richard Hannay is the new Honorary Secretary of the rugger group, ‘The Centurions’. Sal Alford, landlady of Alford’s Music Hall is being threatened by standover merchant, Joe Morris, who is demanding protection money. Joe Morris is a rogue member of Charlie Peterson’s east-end gang of thugs. Sal, frightened for her life, approaches Richard Hannay who tells her not to pay any money to Joe Morris. When Joe Morris arrives at Alford’s Music Hall with Charlie Peterson’s gang he is confronted by Richard Hannay’s gang, ‘The Centurions’, who throw them out, but not before Richard Hannay is threatened by Joe Morris personally. Alford’s Music Hall is subsequently vandalised, and Hannay is abducted by Joe Morris; however, he manages to bluff himself out of the situation by telling Morris that he – Hannay – is the leader of a larger, more elite rival gang operating from the West End of London, which is comprised of politicians and members of the aristocracy. Hannay organises a ‘sting’ involving

Regular Cast: Robert Powell (Richard Hannay)

Guest Cast: Diane Bull, Garry Cooper, Ron Pember, Martin Clunes, Dave Atkins, Hugo-James Ellis, Felix Bowness, Andrew Woodall, Peter Ledbury, Rebecca Lacey, Susannah Page, William Davies, Alec McKenzie, Patricia Ford, Nigel Makin, Paul Toothill

Writer: Richard Carpenter / Director: Robert Reed

Airdate: 28 Feb 1989 on ITV

Series: Hannay Season 2 Episode 5

Show Info: Period action adventure series. Exploits of derring do with adventurer Richard Hannay in the early part of the 20th Century.