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Hannay: The Hazard Of The Die (S1EP6 ITV 10 Feb 1988, Leonie Mellinger)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

The Hazard Of The Die: The Under-Secretary Of State For War, Sir Greville Strickland is visiting Monte Carlo with his beautiful young wife, Lady Veronica. While Lady Veronica loses heavily at the gambling tables, Sir Greville is convincing the Baronne Di Castigliani, who is expected to be the new Head of Government in Italy, that it is in Italy’s best interests to dump the Austro-Hungarian Alliance and Germany, and to join up with the new alliance between Great Britain, France and Russia, since war in Europe is expected to break out very soon.

The Baronne Di Castigliani is thoroughly convinced when Sir Greville tells him that Italy’s defences will be strengthened by the introduction of a new weapon which is being tested in England, the Vickers Machine Gun. Unknown to Sir Greville is the fact that the sinister Count Von Schwabing and his Fellowship Of The Black Stone are lurking in the background, gathering intelligence and waiting to undermine the delicate negotiations between Great Britain and Italy.

Regular Cast: Robert Powell (Richard Hannay)

Guest Cast: Gavin Richards (Von Schwabing), Christopher Scoular (Reggie Armitage), Gary Watson, Leonie Mellinger, Gary Bond, Ken Farrington, Edward De Souza, Trevor Bowen, Dermot Crowley, Michael Sheard, Victoria Burgoyne, Pavel Douglas, Neville Phillips, Nicholas Coppin, Glyn Baker, Harry Van Engel, John Rolfe, Albert Welling, Pat Pelton, Johnny Brogden

Writer: Michael Robson / Director: Jeremy Summers

Airdate: 10 Feb 1988 on ITV

Series: Hannay Season 1 Episode 6

Show Info: Period action adventure series. Exploits of derring do with adventurer Richard Hannay in the early part of the 20th Century.