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Hannay: Voyage Into Fear (S1EP3 ITV 20 Jan 1988, Christopher Scoular)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Voyage Into Fear: Von Schwabing is on the carpet at the German Embassy over the mess he made of the plot to destroy the British/Russian Peace Alliance described in ‘Fellowship Of The Black Stone’. He swears that The Fellowship Of The Black Stone will be successful this time in its intention to eliminate Britain’s First Sea Lord, Sir James West, whose armament of Great Britain is faster than Germany’s. Von Schwabing sets out to enlist Richard Hannay as an unwilling assassin of Sir James West.

Hannay is kidnapped and finds himself upon what appears to be a sea-going vessel. Using a young schoolgirl, who is in reality the Russian Grand-Duchess Madeline, Von Schwabing applies relentless pressure to Hannay who is put into a terrible moral dilemma. He must choose between the life of one of his best friends, Saunders, a member of Intelligence, and that of the Grand-duchess Madeline. Further he is railroaded by Von Schwabing into either killing Sir James West or letting Madeline die.

Regular Cast: Robert Powell (Richard Hannay)

Guest Cast: Gavin Richards (Von Schwabing), Christopher Scoular (Reggie Armitage), Jill Meager, Amanda Rosen, Stephen Churchett, Trevor Bowen, John Ringham, Nick Stringer

Writer: Michael Robson / Director: Guy Slater

Airdate: 20 Jan 1988 on ITV

Series: Hannay Season 1 Episode 3

Show Info: Period action adventure series. Exploits of derring do with adventurer Richard Hannay in the early part of the 20th Century.