Harry O: Death Certificate (ABC 29 Apr 1976, with Ruth Roman)

Harry O Death Certificate

In Death Certificate Gloria Ross and her mother Ethel Martel have begun a malpractice suit against a Dr Lusk over his treatment of Gloria’s recently dead husband. Ethel, a nurse, is convinced that Lusk did nothing to save Gloria’s husband. As Harry begins his investigation and discovers that Lusk has been in trouble before in Tuscon.

What seems at first to be a straightforward soon takes a murderous turn. There’s a major shock when Harry’s go to mechanic Spencer Johnson, who has been a semi-regular throughout the season, is killed in a car bomb clearly aimed at taking out Harry. Sadly Harry is the only one to turn out for Spencer’s funeral.

Gloria’s husband turns out to be not quite the businessman he seemed to be. In fact he was not involved in the real estate business at all but was involved with an organised crime syndicate.

Another excellent episode, the death of Spence is very unexpected and hits Harry hard. It’s something of an action packed episode too, with explosions, a shoot out and a tense car chase.

Harry O Death Certificate Spencer

Poor old Spencer has been fixing Harry’s car for much of this season but it’s his own vehicle that the bomb is in.

production details
USA / ABC / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 29 April 1976

Writer: John Meredyth Lucas / Director: Russ Mayberry

Series: Harry O Season 2 Episode 22

David Janssen as Harry Orwell
Anthony Zerbe as Lt Trench
Ruth Roman as Ethel Martel
Normann Burton as Dr Lusk
Denise Galik as Gloria Ross
Kiel Martin as Ed Wilkie
Thom Christopher as Paul Rosenman
Paul Tulley as Sgt Roberts
Bill Henderson as Spencer Johnson
Rod Colbin as Adminstrator
Richard Stahl as Dr Samuelson
Susan Adams as Jean Parnell
Michael Alaimo as Tony Schrager
Hank Rolike as Preacher
Robert Casper as Salesman

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