Harry O: One For The Road (ABC 18 Sep 1975, with Larry Hagman)

In One For The Road, Harry is asked by lawyer Jennifer Rock to investigate a hit and run. The twist is that she may well be the person who was driving the car. The victim is a young girl who was out with her boyfriend. He isn’t keen to give evidence because he is on parole.

All the evidence points to Jennifer but Harry thinks she is being framed by someone, possibly a man called Joe Becker who has been getting the heavy treatment from Roth in a recent case.

When Harry learns that a man was definitely driving the car, he knows that Jennifer is innocent. Rather than Becker it’s someone much closer to home where the solving of the case lies.

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Jennifer has a very definite drinking problem, Harry takes her under his wing somewhat and the episode closes out with attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Carol Rossen has the lead as Jennifer Roth but the two biggest names are Larry Hagman as her disturbed husband Bernie and Robert Loggia as Joe Becker.

production details
UK / ABC / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 18 September 1975

Writer: Norman Strum / Director: Harry Falk

Series: Harry O Season 2 Episode 2

David Janssen as Harry Orwell
Anthony Zerbe as Lt. K.C. Trench
Carol Rossen as Jennifer Roth
Robert Loggia as Joe Becker
Christopher Allport as Wayne Hadley
Larry Hagman as Bernie Roth
Frederick Herrick as Billy
Susan Adams as Jean Parnell
Richard Roat as Stanley Hammer
John Zaremba as Dr. Fell
Paul Tulley as Sgt. Roberts
Ann Noland as Girl Hippie
Rori Gwynne as Melanie Bates
Jim Boles as Wrangler
Peggy Doyle as Mrs. Hobbs
C. Lindsay Workman as Judge
Trent Dolan as Marshal
Jean Leabetter as AA Leader

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