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Harry O: Reflections (ABC 9 Oct 1975, with Felicia Farr)



In the melancholy tinged Reflections Harry finds himself drawn into the world of his ex-wife when he learns she is being blackmailed. The case begins though when the wife of Harry’s former partner on the force (no turned PI like Harry) gets in contact to say he has gone missing.

Harry tracks hims down to a motel but he is too late, he’s been murdered. It turns out he was working for Harry’s wife Elizabeth. These days she is married to a prominent judge, Robert Carson, and she is trying to protect him. The blackmailer has case files from when the judge checked himself into an institution suffering severe depression.

Harry is determined to help Elizabeth anyway he can, and even puts himself in the firing line.

It’s a flashback heavy episode as Harry reflects on his life with his wife, it’s clear he still has very strong feelings for her and she him. His unwillingness to walk away from the job the reason why their marriage fell apart.

Harry O Reflections

production details
USA / ABC / 1×45 minute episode / Broadcast 9 October 1975

Writer: Michael Sloan / Director: Richard Lang

Series: Harry O Season 2 Episode 5

David Janssen as Harry Orwell
Anthony Zerbe as Lt Trench
Felicia Farr as Elizabeth Carson
Andrew Robinson as Jim Bracken
Claudette Nevins as Jessica Shannon
Peter Donat as Robert Carson
Kermit Murdock as Dr Swift
Paul Tulley as Sgt Roberts
Randy Powell as Intern
Fred Scheiwiller as John Shannon