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Have You Been Paying Attention?: Episode 12 (S10EP12 Channel 10 2022-08-01)



Have Ed Kavalee, Sam Pang and our contestants been paying attention? The guest quizmasters and host Tom Gleisner are about to find out.

Airdate: 2022-08-01 at 20:30 on Channel 10

Season 10 Episode 12

Have You Been Paying Attention? is a topical comedy-quiz show featuring five guests competing to see who can remember the most about events of the week. A fast-paced, funny look at international affairs, politics, sport and entertainment news, we test just how well our contestants have been paying attention. Hosted by Tom Gleisner and starring some of the most attentive minds in the country, Have You Been Paying Attention? is Australian TV’s least-rich quiz show. Had 30 minute episodes for series 1 & 2, then got extended to 60 minute shows (including ads) for series 3. Returns Monday, May 14 2018.