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Hazell: Hazell and the Walking Blur (ITV 30 Jan 1978, with Bill Henderson)



Hazell and the Walking Blur

In Hazell and the Walking Blur Hazell is asked by visiting Scots tourist Alex Galbraith just exactly what he did on his night on the town. The God fearing middle aged businessman, who still lives at home with his “mammy,” has no memory of what happened the night before, he also has nearly fifteen hundred quid on him – which he certainly didn’t have when he left.

Hazell begins to retrace Galbraith’s steps in a bid to find out how he got the money. When the trail takes him from a Medieval styled pub to a massage parlour, Hazell discovers the search might be more dangerous than he first thought.

Hazell and the Walking Blur

Michael Elphick as Tommy Griffiths

It turns out to be a simple case of Galbraith picking up the wrong raincoat. The one he has belongs to an associate of gangster Tommy Griffiths.

A somewhat fun episode with a great performance from Bill Henderson as Galbraith. Not to mention a small but brilliant appearance from Michael Elphick as French spouting gangster Griffiths. Follyfoot fans may be somewhat perturbed to see Steve from that series as a cross dressing gent who turns Galbraith’s head.

classic quote
“how do you fancy a quick spot of leg work, around the flesh pots.”

Hazell and the Walking Blur

Steve Hodson of Follyfoot fame.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 30 January 1978 at 9.00pm

Writer: Richard Harris / Production Design: Gordon Toms, David Ferris, Bill Palmer / Director: Brian Farnham

Series: Hazell Season 1 Episode 3

Nicholas Ball as Hazell
Barbara Young as Dot Wilmington
Bill Henderson as Alex Galbraith
Diana Rowan as Busker
Michael Elphick as Tommy Griffiths
Roddy McMillan as Choc Minty
James Faulkner as Gordon Gregory
Fiona Mollison as Diane
Diane Fletcher as Sybil
Susie Baker as Pattie
David Cardy as Harry
Lloyd Anderson as Cabbie
Dicken Ashworth as Bouncer
Katharine Schofield as Ingrid
Maggie Riley as Maureen
Kevin Lloyd as Micky Bowers
Stewart Harwood as Heavy
Steve Hodson as Fiance



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