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Headmaster: First Day (S1EP1 BBC2 7 Feb 1977, Geraldine Moffat)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

First Day: The amalgamation of Tom Fisher’s Secondary Boys’ School with the Grammar School “up the road” into one large Comprehensive has been completed. Defeated by Alan Russell for the overall Headship, Fisher decides to stay on as Head of the Lower School. The events of the first day lead him to question his decision.

Regular Cast: Frank Windsor (Tom Fisher), Michael Byrne (Alan Russell), Colin Douglas (Ted Philips)

Guest Cast: Geraldine Moffat, Lee Hodgson, John Williams, Paul Sadler, Izmet Mehmet, Esmond Webb, David Nunn, Lucinda Curtis, Leonard Kavanagh, Brian Oulton, Tom Georgeson (Hart), Peter Godfrey, Ian Thompson, David Hargreaves, Paul Ellison, Keith Macey, Avril Elgar, Simon Henderson, Ian Hoare, Sylvester Williams, Michael Clements, Clive Merrison, Ann Kennedy

Writer: John Challen / Director: Roland Joffe

Airdate: 7 Feb 1977 on BBC Two

Series: Headmaster Season 1 Episode 1

Show Info: Drama series. Stories of a dedicated headmaster and charting the joining of a secondary and grammar school into a comprehensive school.