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His Dark Materials: The Scholar (S2EP5 BBC One Sun 6 Dec 2020)



The Scholar: In Oxford, an inscrutable Mrs Coulter surveys a new world while.

At the Magisterium, MacPhail condemns Graves to imprisonment. Mrs Coulter meets an intrigued Mary, who is later given a mysterious mission by the Cave.

As night falls, Mrs Coulter’s rage over how her own world has held her back is interrupted by the arrival of Lyra and Will. While Boreal tries to intimidate Will into giving him the knife, Mrs Coulter pleas with her daughter to stay, as Lyra struggles to control her emotions. An angry Mrs Coulter convinces Boreal they must go through to Cittàgazze, despite the risk of Spectres.

Unaware of the dangers, Mary accepts her mission and goes through into another world.

Airdate: Sun 6 Dec 2020 at 20:10 on BBC One

Season 2 Episode 5