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Hold the Front Page Northamptonshire Telegraph (Sky Max Wednesday 1 February 2023)



Hold the Front Page

Today Wednesday 1 February 2023, there is a new episode of Hold the Front Page.

Northamptonshire Telegraph Our aspiring reporters are abandoning newspapers for the clickbait that can be found on the internet. They hang out in the Northamptonshire Telegraph. However, the only local knowledge they have is that their friend and fellow comic James Acaster is from Kettering. When top reporters Alison and Gary (from West Sussex) unexpectedly show up, will they be impressed by that knowledge?

To get the online equivalent of a front page — 20,000 clicks — they’ll have to fight wasps, ferrets, and goats in their daily lives as online news presenters. During their stay in Northamptonshire, they have more adventures and encounter the sole Olympic skier from Jamaica as well as some extreme fisherman. They then set out to investigate a potentially explosive story about Brexit.

Since their piece is about how Brexit is affecting the fireworks industry, it naturally features lots of explosions. Does Nish and Josh have what it takes to make this story go viral?

Airdate: Wednesday 1 February 2023 at 21:00 on Sky Max

Season 1 Episode 5

Hold the Front Page follows the highs and lows of Nish and Josh as they travel across the UK working for a different local newspaper each week, on a mission to find real local stories strong enough to make the front page. Their investigative journey around Britain sees them delve into local mysteries, take part in unusual events, cover the burning issues of the day and even involve themselves in the news or enlist a celebrity or two to help them out along the way. But with almost no journalistic experience the pair have to rely on their quick wits and natural curiosity as they attempt to get to the heart of makes each town or village tick – digging up some extraordinary scoops. This is an eye-opening look at some of Britain’s amazing local communities through the lens of their local newspaper. What could possibly go wrong?

Featured image credit: Sky Max