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Hollywood: Meg (S1EP6 Netflix 1 May 2020, Maude Apatow)



Picture of Hollywood Meg.

Meg: Ernie lends a hand — and a whole lot more — when “Meg” hits a budget snag. Henry meddles with the film’s final cut. Avis feels her control slipping.

guest cast
Rob Reiner as Ace Amberg
Maude Apatow as Henrietta
Dalton Baker as Randy
Chris Dotson as Cy Freeman
Carrie Gibson as Dorothy Arzner
Michelle Krusiec as Anna May Wong
Nicola Bertram as Gertie
Brian Chenoweth as Lon Silver
Daniel Hagen as Joseph Breen
Jake Regal as Erwin Kaye
William Frederick Knight as Harry Golden

Writer: Ian Brennan
Editor: Andrew Groves
Writer: Janet Mock
Director: Janet Mock
Writer: Reilly Smith
Director of Photography: Blake McClure
Staff Writer: Hernando Bansuelo

Original Airdate: 1 May 2020 on Netflix
Series: Hollywood Season 1 Episode 6