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How To Live Younger Series Premiere Tues 21 Sep on ABC TV



How To Live Younger ABC

Ever wondered about the secrets to living a long, healthy and happy life? How To Live Younger is an exciting 3-part series that looks at the scientific ‘hacks’ that can help improve our lives.

How To Live Younger is a scientific guide to beating disease. The scientists in this series show we have more control over our health than we ever imagined. They’ve discovered it’s easier than we thought to extend life, dodge disease and ignite the one thing we desire the most… happiness.

Hosted by author and ABC Radio’s Jacinta Parsons, the series cuts through the ‘wellness’ hype, revealing rigorous and robust scientific research that shows how we can prolong our time here on earth.

In the past, if we were lucky, we’d live till 80 but the idea that we’d spend the last 15 years slowly deteriorating seemed an unavoidable (and depressing) fate. Now scientists believe that we can increase our “healthspan” and live more active, healthy and enjoyable years on this planet. Remarkably, they’ve found that many of the ‘diseases of ageing’, like heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and depression, could be preventable.

In labs around the world, scientists are trialling, testing and analysing a range of weapons that could help us stay healthier for longer. They have made incredible progress, weaponising microbes to fight depression, repurposing anxiety medications to stop cancer, as well as using “fast” diets, mindfulness, exercise, urban design and even using ‘random acts of kindness’ to ward off disease.

In the first episode, Jacinta takes a deep dive into exercise, exploring how the simple act of moving can improve the health of our bodies and our brains. Scientists at top institutions around the world reveal how exercise can rewind the clock on cognitive decline, fight cancer, prevent disease, beat depression and even enhance our lives by making us smarter, more creative human beings.

Production credits: Wildbear Entertainment.

How To Live Younger Season 1, Episode 1 airs Tuesday 21 September 2021 at 9.30pm on ABC TV and iview.