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Hullraisers: New You (Season Finale Channel 4 Tues 17 May 2022)



New You: Toni is a new woman after her first full night’s sleep since Grace (Matilda Firth) was born; she’s making career plans and planning a big birthday party! Nothing will be able to stop her now… or will it? Paula believes she’s made progress with Ashley (Natalie Davies), who for the first time in 12 years wants to spend time with her… but all is not as it seems. Meanwhile, Rana discovers that the meaning of life may not revolve around her libido after a failed hook-up with an old flame – but her enlightenment is fleeting.

Laugh-out-loud, female-led comedy from Hull’s very own Lucy Beaumont, co-written with Anne-Marie O’Connor and Caroline Moran, following the dishevelled and joy-filled lives of native Hullians Toni (Leah Brotherhead), Rana (Taj Atwal) and Paula (Sinéad Matthews).

Series finale.

Writers: Lucy Beaumont, Anne-Marie O’Connor, Caroline Moran; Exec Prods: Hannah Farrell, Faye Ward; Prod: Lisa Mitchell; Dir: Ian FitzGibbon; Prod Co: Fable Pictures

Airdate: Tuesday 17 May 2022 at 9.35pm on Channel 4.

Season 1 Episode 6