Hungry for It: Episode 3 (S1EP3 BBC Three Tuesday 21 June 2022)



It’s waste week, and things are heating up in the hub, where the cooks have been assigned their most difficult Level Up to date. To impress the judges, they must elevate the basic meal deal by creating not one, but three epic elements.

The cooks are tasked with creating a menu based entirely on leftovers from the hub for the service challenge, and the menu’s theme is bowl food. They meet guest judge Ramael Scully, an award-winning chef who specialises in the creative use of food waste. This week’s prise is a week working in Scully’s restaurant with him.

The week ends in another nail-biting Knives Out challenge, after which one more cook exits the contest, leaving just seven to battle it out next time.

Airdate: Tuesday 21 June 2022 at 20:00 on BBC Three

Season 1 Episode 3

Hungry for It gives 10 aspiring cooks from all over the UK, all desperate to carve out a career in the food industry, a chance to skill up and put their talent to the test, with one amateur cook winning a life changing prize. The chefs will live together in a house, whilst competing and creating amazing dishes, in an attempt to impress industry experts and mentors.

This exciting new competition plays out in two distinct spaces – a restaurant and a street-food inspired pop-up.

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