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Hunted: Episode 6 (S6EP6 Channel 4 Monday 6 June 2022)



The remaining fugitives have just 48 hours to make it to a remote island in Loch Lomond, where they are due to be whisked away to victory by helicopter. James and Nathan make a bold decision to enjoy their last hours on the run at a football game in Carlisle. But it’s not long before the hunters swoop and there’s a chase through the streets of the town.

Police officer Sarah gets a ride from a supportive taxi driver who ferries her to the Scottish border. With the clock fast counting down, the fugitives make their last dash to meet the exit helicopter. But the hunters are in aerial pursuit and about to pounce with a last daring attempt to capture the fugitives.

Series Dir: Guy Simmonds; Series Prods: David Sutton, Emma Young; Exec Prods: Matt Bennett, Lucy Shepherd; Prod Co: Shine

Airdate: Monday 6 June 2022 at 21:00 on Channel 4

Season 6 Episode 6

Hunted is a real-life thriller where 14 ordinary people go on the run from a team of expert hunters.