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Hustle & Tow: Pressure's On (S1EP17 A&E Wed 4 Aug 2021)



Pressure's On: Young guns Kort and Cam think they can handle the recovery of a car that flipped over a guard rail, but owner Nik and his right-hand man, Kevin, show up to make sure.

Airdate: Wed 4 Aug 2021 at 23:04 on A&E

Season 1 Episode 17

Hustle & Tow pops the hood to take a close-up look at America's unsung essential workers who perform daily under extremely dangerous conditions, despite every imaginable encounter with unexpected terrain, wildlife and weather: tow truck operators. These hard-working men and women respond to a massive array of calls from recovering stolen cars, to handling contentious impounds, clearing behemoth big rig wrecks, rescuing families who have veered off the highway and much more. Embedded with diverse shops and drivers in both rural and urban communities across the country, "Hustle & Tow" offers viewers a rugged "day-in-the-life" perspective on tow truck operators, where—depending on the call—operators can either be hailed as heroes or labeled as villains.