I, Claudius: A Touch of Murder (S1EP1 BBC 20 Sep 1976, Brian Blessed)



A Touch of Murder: Livia, the scheming wife of Augustus, seeks to disinherit her husband’s grand-children in favour of her own son Tiberius.

Guest Cast: Siân Phillips (Livia), Brian Blessed (Augustus), George Baker (Tiberius), Margaret Tyzack (Antonia), Ian Ogilvy, Frances White, John Paul, Christopher Guard, Angela Morant, Sheila Ruskin, Carleton Hobbs, Michael Hawkins, Renu Setna, Freda Dowie, Guy Siner, David Davenport, Roger Bizley, Amanda Kirby, Russell Lewis, Earl Rhodes, Patrick Drury, Tony Haygarth, Sheridan Earl Russell, Paul Sherman, Andrew Manson, Anni Domingo, Yvonne Patterson

Writer: Jack Pulman / Director: Herbert Wise

Original Airdate: 20 Sep 1976 on BBC
Series: I, Claudius Season 1 Episode 1

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