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I, Claudius: Queen of Heaven (S1EP6 BBC 25 Oct 1976, John Hurt)



Queen of Heaven: Germanicus has been murdered in Antioch and his wife Agrippina is convinced Tiberius ordered the killing. Livia has discovered that Caligula helped to poison his father. While Tiberius’s perversions have become notorious, his right-hand man Sejanus, commander of the Praetorian Guard, gathers more power for himself, including a marriage alliance with Claudius.

Guest Cast: Siân Phillips (Livia), George Baker (Tiberius), Margaret Tyzack (Antonia), John Hurt (Caligula), Patrick Stewart (Sejanus), Fiona Walker (Agrippina), Patricia Quinn (Livilla), Kevin McNally (Castor), James Faulkner (Herod), Kevin Stoney (Thrasyllus), Isabel Dean, Aubrey Richards, Peter Williams, Karin Foley, William Bond, Neil Dickson, Michael Stock

Original Airdate: 25 Oct 1976 on BBC
Series: I, Claudius Season 1 Episode 6