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I, Claudius: Reign of Terror (S1EP7 BBC 1 Nov 1976, Fiona Walker)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Reign of Terror: With Tiberius retired to Capri, Sejanus plans to tighten his grip on Rome and divorces his wife so he can marry Livilla. But he also has powerful enemies and his attempts to consolidate power set in motion a bloody chain of events.

Guest Cast: George Baker (Tiberius), Margaret Tyzack (Antonia), Patricia Quinn (Livilla), John Hurt (Caligula), Patrick Stewart (Sejanus), Fiona Walker (Agrippina), Kevin Stoney (Thrasyllus), John Rhys-Davies (Sartorius Macro), Liane Aukin, Charles Kay, Kate Lansbury, John Franklyn-Robbins, Michael Segal, Karin Foley, Alfonso De Lieto, Katherine Hughes, Richard Aylen, Richard Lindfield, Pat Gorman, Kim Begley, Richard Hunter, Peter Benedict, John Beardmore, Jeremy Wallis

Original Airdate: 1 Nov 1976 on BBC
Series: I, Claudius Season 1 Episode 7