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I, Claudius: Some Justice (S1EP5 BBC 18 Oct 1976, Stratford Johns)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Some Justice: As Augustus learned of Livia’s plot against Postumus, she took action which resulted in Tiberius becoming emperor. The situation in the East now threatens Tiberius’s position.

Guest Cast: Siân Phillips (Livia), George Baker (Tiberius), Margaret Tyzack (Antonia), David Robb (Germanicus), Fiona Walker (Agrippina), Patrick Stewart (Sejanus), James Faulkner (Herod), Kevin McNally (Castor), Stratford Johns, Irene Hamilton, Roy Purcell, Patsy Byrne, George Pravda, Robert Morgan, Norman Ettlinger, John Scott Martin, Ronald Markham, Souad Faress

Original Airdate: 18 Oct 1976 on BBC
Series: I, Claudius Season 1 Episode 5