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I, Claudius: Zeus, By Jove! (S1EP8 BBC 8 Nov 1976, James Faulkner)



Zeus, By Jove!: Claudius has high hopes of a return to a Republic when Caligula insanely proclaims himself a god and his sister a goddess… but Rome officially accepts his divinity.

Guest Cast: John Hurt (Caligula), Margaret Tyzack (Antonia), George Baker (Tiberius), James Faulkner (Herod), John Rhys-Davies (Sartorius Macro), Beth Morris, Jon Laurimore, Anne Dyson, Lockwood West, Arthur Whybrow, Douglas Melbourne, Alan Tucker

Original Airdate: 8 Nov 1976 on BBC
Series: I, Claudius Season 1 Episode 8