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Identity: Somewhere They Can’t Find Me (ITV1 2 Aug 2010 with Jenny Seagrove)



UK / ITV1 Network – ITV Studios / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 2 August 2010 @ 9.00pm

Writer: Edward Bennett / Director: Andy Hay

Series: Identity / Season 1 Episode 5

The team leap into action when they believe that a terrorist who has been on the wanted list for 25 years has re-entered the country. Bloom and Martha believe that Miriam Brolin is actually terrorist Nadia and need her to admit to being an accomplice of fellow terrorist Marco Robson. As the team enlist the help of DCS Robert Thacker, who was the original cop on the case, they discover that Miriam/Nadia was once an undercover cop who never returned to the fold.

Intriguing premise for the episode with shades of “Inception” and it’s multi-level world with the Unit discovering that Miriam is three different identities, the fact that Miriam has been unable to give up her undercover role is clearly something Bloom can strongly identify with. Jenny Seagrove hasn’t been seen much on TV in recent years but is still going strong. Some interesting developments in the dynamic between Bloom and Martha too, it’s becoming increasing clear that she is sexually attracted to Bloom and isn’t overly happy about it either.

guest cast
JENNY SEAGROVE as Miriam Brolin (Nadia)
AGNI SCOTT as Adile Kemal
CLIVE RUSSELL as Marco Robson
TOM MANNION as DCS Robert Thacker
ANTHONY CALF as Max Healey
SIMON CHANDLER as Jacob Brolin
KATE MARVAN as Dr Gearing
SALLY FAULKNER as Mrs Broadfoot
STEVEN CREE as Young Thacker