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If We Built It Today: Secrets of Stonehenge (S3EP5 Science Wed 17 Nov 2021)



Secrets of Stonehenge: Stonehenge is an astonishing achievement of ancient construction that continues to baffle engineers thousands of years later; now, experts use the latest science to discover the logistics behind erecting another legendary monument today.

Airdate: Wed 17 Nov 2021 at 21:00 on Science

Season 3 Episode 5

The Great Pyramid of Giza, the Colosseum, the Great Wall of China, the Notre Dame Cathedral. What would it take to build these remarkable super structures today? How long would it take? How much would it cost? How many workers would we need? In our modern era of glass and steel, could we even pull it off? If We Built It Today talks to architects, historians, engineers, and builders to find out if we could use modern day innovations to recreate these iconic masterpieces, or if fundamental techniques have been lost to time.