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Impact of Murder: There’s No Winning in Murder (S2EP4 Investigation Discovery Thurs 1 Oct 2020)



There’s No Winning in Murder: In West Haven, Conn., mother of four Corrinna Martin learns that her daughter Alyssiah is missing. After an exhaustive, state-wide search, a discovery confirms Corrinna’s worst fear, and a murder investigation is opened. As a pattern of abuse against Alyssiah is uncovered, Corrinna vows to help other victims of domestic violence. When a suspect is identified, it looks like the family may finally find justice. However, the lack of physical evidence results in two successive hung juries. Everything rests on the outcome of a third trial. Just weeks before the third trial is set to start, an unbelievable tragedy devastates the family yet again. It becomes more important than ever for one mother to see justice served and to keep the memory of her loved ones alive.

Airdate: Thurs 1 Oct 2020 at 9.00pm on Investigation Discovery

Season 2 Episode 4