In Plain Sight: Part Three (S1EP3 ITV 21 Dec 2016, Douglas Henshall)



Part Three: In the final episode, a search operation is organised with local volunteers scouring the countryside in search of missing girl Isabelle. Eventually her coat is discovered and identified by her distraught mother. In the early hours of New Year’s Day, the Smart family – Peter, Doris and 12-year-old Michael – are all shot dead in their beds. Muncie puts Manuel under 24-hour watch and enlists the help of ex-con Joe Brannon. Finally Muncie has a breakthrough, recalling that Peter Smart’s wallet at the crime scene was empty of cash. Brannon confirms that on New Year’s Day, Manuel was spending cash like water and buying rounds with brand new one-pound notes. The bank confirms that Peter did withdraw cash on New Year’s Eve – 15 pounds in new notes. Manuel is arrested and Muncie has him where he wants him, as he tries to get Manuel to admit his crimes.

Cast: Denis Lawson (Laurence Dowdell), Martin Compston (Peter Manuel), Douglas Henshall (William Muncie), Joanne Thompson (Iris Laird), Shauna Macdonald (Agnes Muncie), Joanna Roth (Bridget Manuel), Jenny Hulse (Mary McLaughlin), Bobby Rainsbury (Theresa Manuel), Michael Nardone (Det Supt Leish), Gavin Jon Wright (Hugh Kirk), Gary Lewis (William Watt), Jack Greenlees (DS McLeod), Louise McCarthy (Babs), Gilly Gilchrist (Samuel Manuel), Sorcha Groundsell (Jane Muncie),

Airdate: 21 Dec 2016 on ITV

Series: In Plain Sight Season 1 Episode 3

Show Info: Based on the true story of Lanarkshire detective William Muncie’s quest to bring to justice notorious Scottish killer Peter Manuel.

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