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In the Dark: The Unusual Suspects (S2EP5 The CW Thurs 14 May 2020)



The Unusual Suspects: Murphy’s (Perry Mattfeld) choices plunge the Guiding Hope crew deeper into Nia’s (guest star Nicki Micheaux) game, as Jess (Brooke Markham) continues to grow suspicious of the closed-door meetings between Felix (Morgan Krantz) and Murphy. Dean (Rich Sommer) tries to keep Chloe (guest star Calle Walton) away from Murphy lest she discover the truth about her dad. Pressure mounts as Darnell (Keston John) fails to deliver on his commitment, and Max (Casey Deidrick) realizes escaping his prior life is even harder than he thought. Ingrid Jungermann directed the episode written by Adrian A. Cruz

Airdate: Thurs 14 May 2020 at 9.00pm on The CW

Season 2 Episode 5