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Incredible Journeys with Simon Reeve: Series Premiere (S1EP1 BBC Two Sun 24 Jan 2021)



In this first episode he’s focusing on some of the incredible characters he’s met while travelling the globe – from the Burmese human rights campaigner who took him on a dangerous undercover mission into the country in 2010, to the homeless woman he met living inside a railway bridge just a few miles from the glamorous streets of Hollywood.

The journeys have taken him from a £10,000 a night hotel in Mexico to eating soup made from Xebu (ox) penis in Madagascar. And most movingly Simon catches up with a 10 year-old boy he met working in terrible conditions in a glass factory in Bangladesh and finds out what has happened to him ten years later.

Airdate: Sun 24 Jan 2021 at 8.00pm on BBC Two

Season 1 Episode 1