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Industry: The Giant Squid (S2EP2 HBO Monday August 8, 2022)



The Giant Squid: After Harper chooses Bloom over Felim, tensions with Eric reach a breaking point; just as Yasmin is about to embark on a new exciting project, Yasmin’s father unexpectedly reappears in her life.

Cast: Myha’la Herrold (Harper Stern), Marisa Abela (Yasmin Kara-Hanani), Harry Lawtey (Robert Spearing), David Jonsson (Gus Sackey), Indy Lewis (Venetia Berens), Conor MacNeill (Kenny Kilblane), Ken Leung (Eric Tao), Alex Alomar Akpobome (Danny Van Deventer), Katrine De Candole (Celeste Pacquet), Jay Duplass (Jesse Bloom), Sonny Poon Tip (Leo Bloom), Adam Levy (Charles Hanani)

Airdate: Monday August 8, 2022 at 9.00pm on HBO.

Season 2 Episode 2