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Insecure: Tired, Okay?! (S5EP6 HBO Sun 28 Nov 2021)



Tired, Okay?: ‘Tired, Okay?!’ Issa mulls over difficult choices in both work and love, while Molly finds a comforting audience in an unlikely source.

Airdate: Sun 28 Nov 2021 at 22:00 on HBO

Season 5 Episode 6

Insecure focuses on the awkward experiences and racy tribulations of a modern day African-American woman through the eyes of Issa Dee, played by Issa Rae. Jay Ellis will play Lawrence, Issa’s depressed and unemployed boyfriend, who has been getting his act together for four years. Yvonne Orji is Molly, Issa’s best friend. While very successful in her corporate work life, she is very unsuccessful in her love life.