Inside Cyprus With Ben Fogle: Series Premiere (Channel 7 Wednesday 22 March 2023)



Inside Cyprus With Ben Fogle:

Inside Cyprus With Ben Fogle: airs a new episode tonight Wednesday 22 March 2023 on Channel 7.

Series Premiere Ben Fogle takes an unorthodox trip to Cyprus. His access to the “Buffer Zone,” a no-land man’s that runs through the island’s centre, is unparalleled. Since a civil war and an unlawful invasion partitioned the island over 50 years ago, the Turkish Cypriot population in the north and the Greek Cypriot minority in the south have lived in relative isolation. Because of this, one-third of the population was forced to relocate, thereby turning them into refugees.

Ben joins the United Nations peacekeeping force for a week, where he helps police the 230 square mile Buffer Zone that separates the two sides of the conflict. To better comprehend the ‘Cyprus dilemma,’ Ben travels to the abandoned villages. He hears the stories of victims on both sides of the divide and discovers how criminal groups profit from the conflict.

Airdate: Wednesday 22 March 2023 at 7.30pm on Channel 7.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 7

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