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Inside Hampton Court Palace: Death of the Queen (S1EP2 Smithsonian Channel Mon 14 Jun 2021)



Death of the Queen: Follow the team at Hampton Court, in the palace and on the grounds, as they keep the palace running on a hot summer day.


Airdate: Mon 14 Jun 2021 at 20:00 on Smithsonian Channel

Season 1 Episode 2

On the edge of London stands Hampton Court, one of Britain's biggest palaces and most popular tourist spots, attracting almost a million visitors every year. Spanning 750 acres of grounds, it boasts 1,300 rooms and 23 courtyards…along with a host of secrets and historic stories. This two-part special provides an exclusive and intimate look at life inside the court today for the people keeping Henry VIII's world alive in the modern age, and also explores what life was like in the palace where the private world of the Tudors began.