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Inside the Bank of England Premieres Mon August 29 on Acorn TV



This timely two-part series, which explores the Bank of England’s inner workings as Britain grapples with grave economic uncertainty, is more than timely.

On June 23, 2016, the UK voted to leave the EU – and the economy was sent into freefall. The Bank declared itself prepared to offer a staggering £250 billion in additional funding in the wake of the shocking referendum result in order to support markets during a “period of uncertainty.” What will actually occur?

Will the procedure be “measured and orderly,” or will the situation necessitate drastic action? This is the account of a teetering economy as seen through the eyes of the Bank of England and its employees as they toil away for one exceptional year to maintain the country’s financial stability.

Airdate: Monday August 29, 2022 on Acorn TV.