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Inside The Factory Premieres Tues 30 Jul on BBC Two



Episode one: Cherry Bakewells – Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey get access to some of the biggest factories in Britain and Europe, to follow the 24-hour production lines that produce our favourite products.

Gregg Wallace is in Stoke-on-Trent, at an enormous bakery where they produce 250,000 individual Bakewell Tarts every day. He follows their production, from the arrival of 27 tonnes of flour right through to dispatch. Along the way he learns what makes a shortcrust pastry ‘short’ and discovers the simple way they ensure every cherry is precisely placed. They employ a team of 12 who carefully pop each one on top by hand.

Meanwhile Cherry Healey (pictured) is learning how to swerve a ‘soggy bottom’ when baking pies and tarts at home. She discovers that it’s all about a pre-heated oven, a proper pie dish, pastry precisely the thickness of two x 20 pence pieces laid on top of each other, and blind baking. And she’s at an almond butter factory, learning how these nuts are roasted and milled to become a thick spread ready for toast.

Historian Ruth Goodman is sniffing out the origins of one of the Cherry Bakewell’s key ingredients, frangipane. She learns that the familiar fragrant almond filling was born out of a perfume used to disguise the foul smells of 17th century Paris. She also visits the Peak District town of Bakewell and learns how the modern Cherry Bakewell is a descendent of a simple recipe mistake in the kitchen.

Airdate: Tuesday 30 July 2019 from 8.00pm-9.00pm on BBC TWO.

Season 1 Episode 1 (of 4)