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Inspector Morse: Promised Land (S5EP5 ITV 27 Mar 1991, John Jarratt)



Picture of Inspector Morse Promised Land.

Promised Land: The search for a retired ‘supergrass’ takes Morse and Lewis from Oxford to the Australian outback. Strangely, Lewis is less at home down under than Morse himself is.

Cast: John Thaw (Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse), Kevin Whately (Detective Sergeant Lewis), James Grout (Chief Superintendent Strange), Rhondda Findleton, John Jarratt, Max Phipps, Con O’Neill, Noah Taylor, Vanessa Patterson, Philip Anthony, Kevin Leslie, Bill Young, Marie Armstrong, Maureen Green, Paul Hunt, Peter Browne, Shayne Foote

Writer: Julian Mitchell / Director: John Madden

Original Airdate: 27 Mar 1991 on ITV
Series: Inspector Morse Season 5 Episode 5